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Raising awareness about digital security

While most people use internet-connected devices (computers, smartphones…) on a daily basis, only a small part understands what really happens behind the scenes. Our goal is to teach users about the most common issues how their devices work through various communication means such as social media and conferences. We also guide developers toward securing their applications at every level: from the conception (aka. "security-by-design") to the hosting, which is unfortunately one of the most forgotten and dangerous part.

Supporting independent projects

Many awesome project ideas are found everyday by brilliant minds all around the world. However, a big part of them lacks support and will therefore probably never exist. Our goal is to help those projects grow by providing various resources to their developers, such as free private repositories inside our GitHub organization and advices about all aspects of the project: team management, UI/UX design, security concerns, beta testing, etc. We are able to provide those resources thanks to our partners, members and community.

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Want your awesome project listed here?
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Quickly drag-and-drop snippets to your application. Entirely free and community-powered. Stop reinventing the wheel and build better software today! CodeBottle is a code snippets hosting platform, made with love (and a keyboard) by OverCoder, for developers.

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Wikidebats.org is a French wiki of debates – an encyclopedia of pro and con arguments on controversial issues. Gathering scattered information, Wikidébats helps citizens make their choice. It is a resource for critical thinking and democracy.

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Our team is also known as the executive board of the organization.
We are the people maintaining the structure and making things happen.

Dylan Ysmal


Legal representative of the organization, and also the system administrator. Complaints and requests usually go to this guy.

Christopher Are


The dude managing our bank account and finances. Actually, for the finances we'd need to have money but… eh, that's a detail.

Alexis Schapman


Officially in charge of the paperwork, but really just in charge of shitposting enough on Discord to make the community live.


We currently have an active partnership with the organizations listed below.
We are always looking for interesting partners! If you're interested by our organization and believe we can accomplish things together, please get in touch with us in order to discuss it!

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